Varna is the third largest city, occupying an area of 205 sq.km. Its location on the northern coast of the Black Sea as well as its rich natural resources make it one of the most famous resort centers in Europe and the largest resort in the Black Sea region. In the same time the city is the crossroad between the Middle East and Western Europe.
  • 334,870 residents
  • 205 km2 total area
  • 0-350 m of altitude
  • 820 thousand m2 of Seaside Park
  • 6 km of beaches
  • more than 50 cultural and historical sights
  • good infrastructure
  • port, airport, railway station, highway
The climate and the natural conditions are favorable for the development of industry, commerce, tourism and communications in the region. The city impresses not only with architecture and with economic infrastructure, but also with history, culture and natural attractions. Varna is the ideal place for investors wishing to develop their activities in the Balkan region.

Asparuhovo neighborhood dates since the early 20th century. The first name that the neighborhood had was Cess Sevmes (meaning “a quiet place”). In 1928 the population numbered only 2,873 people. The district was separated from the city and connection and communication with it is provided through the Asparuhovo Bridge across the Varna lake. Today the neighborhood has everything necessary to maintain excellent infrastructure - schools, hospitals, police dept., banks, shopping centers and a beautiful beach alley, historical sites, wonderful scenery. The neighborhood is very suitable for investments improving the infrastructure and the residential environment.
  • the largest neighbourhood of Varna
  • with the least population
  • 27,178 residents
  • Hospitals, police, fire department
  • Schools, kindergartens
  • Churches and community centers
  • Sports complexes and parks
  • Rich history and culture
  • 1.5 km beach and beach alley