The Factory


"The Factory" project is located in Varna, Asparuhovo neighbourhood. Its total area is over 140 thousand square meters area on which are preserved valuable plant species and a mineral spring. The site has a Detailed Plan permission granted.

The area is extremely suitable for investment and development. In order to illustrate its potential, the company has developed a conceptual project for construction of a complex with residential and public buildings.

The project is conceptual and it is not necessarily to be executed. The conceptual project provides a very good vision on how the assets of the site can be consumed using a balance between residential and public areas. The project is designed according to all requirements for residential construction and in the same time it keeps intact all the valuable natural resources of the site.

Project Objectives:
  • Social objective:A comfortable living environment is provided and it is in accordance with the specifics of the surrounding nature; a high satisfaction is provided using public services; optimal conditions for recreation are created.
  • Economical objective:There is a rational functional zoning which effectively uses the territorial resources, the value of the investment is increased.
  • Environmental objective:Reproduction and sustainable environment development in terms of air quality, water, soil, noise etc., are ensured.
  • Aesthetic objective:Expressive height and spatial development of various functional areas is created; the architectural spirit of the project is distinctive and individual; the green system of the project harmoniously includes the existing natural subjects.

The project is accompanied by rules and regulations for planning and construction, designed pursuant to Art. 108, paragraph 4 of the TDA, which shall enter into force simultaneously with the plan for regulation and construction.