For investors
The capital of the Company is 68 571 234 leva, divided into 68 571 234 ordinary registered dematerialized shares with one vote, each with a nominal value of 1 (one) lev. Each share entitles its holder to one vote at the General Meeting of shareholders; entitles them to the right of dividends and a repayment share of the nominal share value. The company's shares are freely transferable without restrictions or conditions, under the requirements of the applicable law for transactions with dematerialized securities.
Stock Trading
The conclusion of transactions with shares of "Galata Investment Company" AD, as well as with shares of any public company, is strictly regulated in detail by the Law on Public Offering of Securities and the regulations for its implementation, the Rules of "Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia "AD and the Central Depository AD.
Secondary trading of shares of "Galata Investment Company" AD is made only at "Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia" AD by an appropriate licensed investment intermediary.
Rights of the Shareholders
Property rights
Right to dividend. Each share entitles the shareholder to a dividend corresponding to its nominal value. The company may distribute dividends under decision of the General Assembly, after approving the annual financial statements in compliance with all legal requirements. Distribution of dividends shall be done in accordance with the provisions of ZPPCK (Law on The Public Offering of Securities). Right to receive dividend shall have those registered with the Central Depository as shareholders until the 14th day after the date of the General Assembly, on which the annual financial report was approved and the decision to allocate profits was taken. Right of liquidation share. Each share entitles to a liquidation share, proportionate to its nominal value.

Intangible rights
Right of vote. Each share entitles to one vote at the General Assembly of shareholders. Right of vote have those who are registered with Central Depository AD as shareholders no later than 14 days before the General Assembly.

General Assembly of Shareholders
The General Assembly includes shareholders with right to vote. The right to vote have those who have registered as shareholders in the register of Central Depository AD 14 days before the General Assembly. Shareholders participate in the General Assembly in person or by a representative.

Only the General Assembly may:
- amend the Charter of the company;
- increase and decrease capital;
- cast and terminate the company;
- determine the number of, elect and dismiss members of the Board of Directors and determine their remuneration;
- appoint and dismiss auditors;
- approve the balance sheet, the annual financial reports, after certification by the appointed auditors;
- appoint the liquidators at the termination of the company;
- discharge the members of the Board of responsibility, after receiving the report of its activities;
- decide on the issue of bonds;
- decide on major changes in the activities and the organization of the company;
- decide on other issues in its competence by law or ny this Charter.

General Assembly gathering
The General Assembly of Shareholders shall be convened by the Board of Directors (Art. 223, para. 1 of the Commercial Code and Art. 22, para. 2 of the Charter of the Company). The General Assembly may be convened at the request of shareholders who hold shares for more than 3 months and the shares represent at least 5 percent of the capital. Convening a General Assembly of shareholders is done by invitation, with a minimum content as under art. 223, par. 4 of the Commerce Act and after acquisition of public status the content of the invitation shall will be consistent with the requirements of Art. 115, par. 2 of ZPPCK (Law on The Public Offering of Securities).
According to Art. 118 of ZPPCK, the holders owning jointly or separately at least 5 percent of the public company may ask the district court for a General Assembly or for empowerment of their representatives to convene a General Assembly by a set agenda; to seek inclusion of questions and to offer solutions to issues already included in the agenda of the General Assembly pursuant to Art. 223a of the Commercial Code. These provisions are applicable to the Company after its entry in the register of public companies kept at FSC.

Business hours for Shareholders
All current shareholders, stakeholders and potential investors may receive the necessary information about the company and its financial results at: 1 “Georgi Stamatov” Str., Asparuhovo, Varna - 9003, tel. +359 52 37 05 98, Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 16 hr

Director of Investor Relations

Mrs. Elena Todorova

1 “Georgi Stamatov” Str.
Varna - 9003
tel.: +359 52 37 05 98