Galata Investment Company AD

offers an outstanding investment opportunity in two colourful areas.

“The Factory” site with a total area of 106 141 square meters, is located in an urban area, 250 meters away from the beach and with preserved valuable plant species and mineral springs inside its territory.

“The Plateau” site has an attractive geographic position. The altitude of 180 meters reveals unique views of the city of Varna and Varna Bay. The environment (air, soil and water) is extremely clean. The site is surrounded by forest vegetation and its location makes it possible to build a residential complex of closed type with low construction density and a balance between buildings and nature.
The Factory
"The Factory" project is located in Varna, Asparuhovo neighbourhood. Its total area is over 106 thousand square meters area on which are preserved valuable plant species and a mineral spring. The site has a Detailed Plan permission granted.
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The Plateau
The site covers the terrain of the “Momino” plateau in Asparuhovo, Varna. The approximate area of the site is over 1200 thousand sq. m., conditionally divided into 4 zones. Currently the development of a conceptual project is in progress; it shall clearly demonstrate the possibilities of development and investment in the site.
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